>Rustic Meat Pies and Such!

> So, a few days ago it began to get really cold and for some reason that made me want to experiment in the kitchen. That need for adventure may have also stemmed from the fact that I had found some refrigerated pie crust on sale not too long ago and I was itching to … Continue reading

>Sorrel – It’s like holiday cheer in a cup!

> Mom is making Sorrel The holiday season is such a great time of year! Spending time with family and friends, eating, …COOKING!!!! I was at home with my parents for Thanksgiving, so I got to spend time in their wonderful kitchen. I grew up in this extremely spacious kitchen cooking on our 6- burner … Continue reading

Hello World

>I’m new to food blogging and I’m so excited to share and to learn. I love to cook, but I hate doing dishes. I am not a professional chef, I have so much more to learn and experience in cooking and I’m looking forward to it! I draw my inspiration from the flavors of different … Continue reading