>Rustic Meat Pies and Such!


So, a few days ago it began to get really cold and for some reason that made me want to experiment in the kitchen. That need for adventure may have also stemmed from the fact that I had found some refrigerated pie crust on sale not too long ago and I was itching to see what I could do with it.
Eagerly, I hunted around in my refrigerator to see what I could find to put into a savory pie. I found about 6 red potatoes, some beef, and some frozen spinach. I decided to use it all. I grabbed a few ever-present cloves of garlic and got down to business. I scrubbed the potatoes and then cubed them [as best I could]. I rinsed off the meat and defrosted the spinach [In hot water, no microwave! I think it tastes better that way, but it’s probably all in my head!]. In a large skillet, over medium heat, I warmed about 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil and threw the garlic in to season the oil. I added some other seasonings as well. Then I added the cubed potatoes first, then the beef [along with a healthy dose of Worcestershire sauce] and, last, but not least, I added the spinach. When the potatoes had browned and gotten soft, and there was no more pink on the meat it was time to remove it from the heat. I let it rest while I went to deal with the pie crust.

It was my first time using refrigerated pie crust, and it was quite easy. I used my round CorningWare casserole dish and gently pressed the pie crust to the bottom and edges. Then I spooned some of the “filling” in. I left enough room at the top for me to be able to curl the edges down [as you can see in the picture].

I baked it at 375o F until the pie crust was golden brown.

It came out very nicely. For my own taste, I would have put more seasoning in.
I would assume that a few other modifications could be made as well.

Next time I might:

– Use Ramekins and make mini pies
– Use peas and carrots instead of spinach
– Marinate the meat prior to cooking
– Include onions and or mushrooms
– Cut out the meat and make it vegetarian!
To make a long [and delicious] story short. I had made enough filling for more than one meal. I had an extra pie crust so I rolled it out a bit more, into a square- like shape, and cut it into smaller square pieces. Out of these pieces I made some rather rustic looking meat pies. They were perfect for snacking on or even for a hurried lunch as they are hearty and very easy to handle. They are good for traveling too! The rest of the filling was put into the fridge over night [I added a little butter so it would retain its moisture]. I warmed it and served it with fried eggs the next morning.
Note: I would like to thank my friend Mike, who helped me find a photo editing program to help me make collages [like the pictures for this post] and adjust lighting and such. Thanks Mike!
3 Responses to “>Rustic Meat Pies and Such!”
  1. rizzomoo1 says:

    >These look yummy!! I may have to try this when I get home from school for winter break. I love your ideas!Also, what photo program did you wind up using? Your pictures look ultra-professional!Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Shar Tegral says:

    >I do something similar with leftover potatoes from our favorite breakfast diner. Though the pie crust is a neat idea and one I'll have to try.Might I suggest, for this recipe, shredded cheese!

  3. >RizzoMoo1- Thank you, I will send you the link for the program. =)Shar Tegral- That does sound great! I think next time I might sprinkle some shredded Gruyere on top of the pie!

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