I Love the Simple Things

Bread, cheese, and fruit. Each of these are simple and can be hunger pang inducing in and of themselves. Put them together and they become a dangerously delicious addiction.

I like to remember a few summers ago when I was at a friend’s house. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The skies were sapphire blue, the grass was a vivid green and we were hungry, very hungry. After a day of food shopping and traipsing around in a meadow we had stumbled upon that day we wanted something delicious to eat almost immediately. We had bought an artisan bread loaf, a few apples from our Farmer’s Market, and a block of White Cheddar (imported from Ireland ???) from Whole Foods. We decided to have the apples and cheese with a side of bread which we dipped in olive oil, salt, and pepper. It was so quick and refreshing. It was perfect.

After that I often used simple things to create quick, no fuss, healthy, “barely-have- to- cook” meals during the summer. Not because I don’t enjoy cooking (which I absolutely do), but because when it’s warm weather, sometimes it just feels better to have something fresh and light.

So, a few hot nights ago, we [the roomies and I] were feeling hungry, and no one felt like having a prolonged cooking session. We went to the store and grabbed a loaf of crusty bread, then we went to our [wonderful, beautiful] cheese section, and found some Camembert  and Fromager D’Affinois on sale. When we saw the Dalmatia Fig Spread  we decided, on a whim (having never tried it), to purchase that too.

The picture you see above is the result of less than 10 minutes of work… Literally, less than 10 Minutes. This is what happened:

I turned the broiler on. I sliced the bread. I cut up the cheeses. I put the cheese slices on the bread slices. I broiled them for about 3 minutes. I took them out and spread the fig preserves on them. We ate them.

…..and then I made a second batch, and then a smaller third batch. The only words I can think of to describe the taste is “Luxurious” and “Addictive”. The smoothness of the fig preserves were the perfect complement to the slightly nutty and creamy cheese. The bread was not just a serving plate, it had little pockets into which the cheese melted , the crust had sesame seeds on it and the overall crustiness of the loaf added the perfect amount of texture to each mouthful.

So, next time there’s a night when you don’t feel like being in the kitchen long, but you still want to eat something delicious and creative, try this equation:

Bread + Cheese + Fruit = Luxurious Addictive Food!

Eat on Fellow Eaters!



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