Favoritism, More Tomatoes, and a Sandwich

I try not to have favorites, I really do, but sometimes I fail. In failing, I have decided that I have a favorite farm stand at my Farmers Market. It’s not that the other vendors aren’t wonderful, they really are, and I buy  from them often as well, it’s just that, I love Three Springs Farm. They are the reason I had my first heirloom tomato, they have the best corn I have tasted in this state so far, and they have these amazing sweet peppers, they’re like little shiny orange pieces of veggie heaven candy [I can’t believe I just said that but, seriously, they are, so sweet, and SO good]. To top all of that, they have an amazing way with their customers. They are always open and eager to answer questions, and they are patient, even when I ask a lot of questions. I can’t wait to see what produce they have each week!

After Greenmarket Wednesday, I promptly began devouring the cherry tomatoes that I had bought from Three Springs Farm [I also bought a sweet onion there too]. Not only that, I had brought my friends A and Jules with me to the Market and told them to shop at the same farm stand and they bought [among other things like the sweet peppers]  the golden variety of cherry tomatoes that the stand was selling. I helped them taste those on the way home too! As the stand was closing up, A and Jules were also offered a couple of cuttings from the stand’s large basil plant…for free! They shared a branch with me [Thanks guys!].  It’s a lot of Basil, so I am drying some, and using some.

Thursday, while shopping for supermarket stuff, we [my roomie and I] ran into some crazy bargains [and my friend ML!]. We found both Ricotta, and Capicola [traditionally know as Coppa], on sale, as in…clearance. That may sound strange to some, but it wasn’t expired, there’s nothing wrong with the food, they just had extra and needed to sell it before it does expire. As we were in the checkout line inspiration struck. My inner foodie intuition said to me…. “Make sandwiches”

So, I made these sandwiches for me and the girls, and I will be making them again soon, if I can help it. They were so good. The ingredients came together beautifully. Each flavor complimented another, this created such a pleasant impact of flavor. The one small “miscalculation” I made while making these sandwiches is that I did not cut up the Basil or the Capicola. I definitely suggest doing this, because it makes the sandwiches easier to eat. Either way, the sandwich was delicious!

This is a must have on your summer menu.

I have named the Sandwich:

“The August Year”


8 slices of Capicola

12 Cherry Tomatoes

2 Tablespoon Ricotta

2 Tablespoon Mayonnaise

2 Tablespoon Cream Cheese

8 Fresh Basil Leaves

Sweet White Onion (Like a Vidalia onion)

8 Slices hearty bread (I used 12 grain)


  1. Mix Ricotta, Mayonnaise, and Cream Cheese together
  2. Slice up the cherry tomatoes and dice the onions
  3. Cut the Basil into thin long strips (Chiffonade)
  4. Dice the Capicola
  5. Spread the Ricotta, Mayo, and Cream Cheese mixture on all pieces of bread, and then
    add basil on the top halves, and the onions and tomatoes on the bottom halves.
    Add the Capicola on either half. Put the two halves together and cut
  6. Eat and make sounds of appreciation.

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