Hello Again!

Dear Fellow Eaters,

Wow, It has been awhile. Life has been generally crazy for the past few months and has seemed, to me, like a whirlwind. From August until the beginning of November I was working non stop. In the midst of that I was presented with the opportunity to go to Zimbabwe and do some missions work with a group of my friends (a story for another time and another blog!). The planning  and fund-raising for that began as soon as my work schedule calmed down and lasted until the day we left for the trip. I went to to the beautiful country of Zimbabwe at the very, very end on December and came back (tanned, jet lagged, missing my new friends and acquaintances, and aching for more world- travel experience) around mid January. Since then, it seems like I have been unavoidably out of town every other week. The weeks I have been home have been filled with job hunting and near computer-less-ness. So, for the most part cooking and writing have taken a, reluctant, backseat to the organized chaos that is my life.

I have truly missed it. I’m excited about getting back on track. I leave town again for another week this coming weekend, but after that I have no foreseeable trips and I will be able to dedicate more time to food, and to you, my readers.

With hope and high expectations,


One Response to “Hello Again!”
  1. Lydia Im says:

    are you still blogging? this is the last one I see on here 😦
    I miss you, love ~ ❤

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